Erik West-Millette

Erik West Millette is a multidisciplinary musician who has participated in more than 200 sounds recordings, roughly 50 of which he was the songwriter and/or director.

Recognized for his contributions to films, sound environments, the theatre, and dance, Erik likes to design custom-made music sculptures for audio-art projects. He has collaborated with a number of renowned artists, both in studio and on tour, such as Doctor John, Willie West, Zachary Richard, Nanette Workman, Bia, Lhasa de Sela, Betty Bonifassi, Jordan Officer, Thomas Hellman, and Marie-Jo Thério. He has also worked as musical director for projects at Radio-Canada, the BBC, and France-Inter.

This talented artist had a banner year in 2013 when he won a Jutra award for best original music for the soundtrack of the film Camion by director Rafael Ouellet.

During that same year, Erik saw West Trainz, a project that captivated him for nearly 25 years, come to fruition. This grand railway concept gradually unfolds into several performance concepts, which are all currently on track: a multimedia presentation in a concert venue, a roving performance using an electrically powered train and music sculptures, a travel log CD-book, and a song album called Train Songs. All of West Trainz’ branches stem back to trains—their visual, auditory, poetic, and travel components!

The West Trainz CD-book was highlighted in 2016 when Erik West Millette won three Felix awards at the ADISQ Gala (Album of the Year—Instrumental, Producer of the Year, and Arranger of the Year), and was nominated at the Juno Awards (Recording Package of the Year).

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Erik West Millette

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Marie-Jo Thério

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Nanette Workman

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